InstaFire Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter

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Never worry about having to keep your lighters warm, or kick yourself for not refilling the fuel. The Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter is USB-rechargeable. It gets 500 lights on a single charge and charges 700 times. That’s a total of 350,000 lights – easy and dependable – even in tough conditions.

Wind and Water Proof
Can your other lighters start a fire in a howling wind? The unique housing on the Cross-Fire lets you get a roaring fire going without the elements getting in your way.

Fire-Starter Compartment Makes it Even More Efficient
The unique chamber inside lets you store your favourite firestarter. We recommend InstaFire Fire Starter.


  • Lights 350,000 Times, Every Time: Provides 500 lights per charge
  • Won’t Go Out: Plasma is waterproof, wind-proof, etc.
  • Won’t Run Out of Fuel: USB Rechargeable
  • Ice & Glass Breaker: Get through a window, icy barrier, etc.
  • Attached Storage Container: Perfect for carrying fuel (like InstaFire)

    Battery Care: As with all battery-run devices, proper upkeep is critical for the prolonged function of this unit. If the unit is left to sit for long periods, the battery can drain and even become inoperable. Make sure to charge the unit every few months to extend its life and performance.

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