Rite in the Rain

Rite In The Rain Weatherproof Zeroing Target, 8.5in X 11in

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Rite in the Rain Storm Sight Weatherproof Zeroing Target, 8.5in x 11in, 2-sided, 25 yard and 100 yard templates, 25 Sheet Pack

Rite in the Rain’s new Storm Sight All-Weather Shooting Targets keep your shooting sharp in any weather. These All-Weather Targets can take a bullet in a monsoon and still permit accurate shot evaluation.


  • Double-sided print offers you a choice of common marksmanship exercises.
  • High-contrast reticle identifies shot placement at greater distance.
  • Unique designs borrow from military/competitive design logic to score and improve your shooting.
  • Common dimensions fit your record-keeping binders.
  • Weatherproof Paper resists moisture to permit year-round shooting.

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