Rite in the Rain

Rite In The Rain Weatherproof 25m Slow Fire Qualification Targets - 10 Pack

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Rite in the Rain Weatherproof 25m Slow Fire Qualification Targets, M16A1, 17in x 22in, 10 Tan Rite in the Rain Tactical Targets per pack

The Rite in the Rain all-weather slow fire target helps shooters and instructors M16A1 qualification exercises.  This target has scaled target areas that simulate various distances on a fixed-distance shooting range.  The procedure for the course calls for fire from three positions: prone supported, prone unsupported, and kneeling.  By simulating fire on a variety of distances from a variety of positions, this target is a comprehensive test of basic marksmanship.  This particular target is designed for use with the iron sights of a M16A1 platform.  Rite in the Rain targets use our patented all-weather paper that endures moisture and creates clean exit holes for easy evaluation of shot placement.  That paper strength also comes in handy to reduce situations in which large chunks are blown out of the target from closely-grouped rounds, complicating accurate scoring.


  • WEATHERPROOF: Printed on 32# Rite in the Rain paper, this rifle zeroing target allows shooters to qualify for standard US Army Marksmanship Target shooting drills in any weather. 10 outdoor shooting targets per pack. Unlike waterproof synthetics, Rite in the Rain is completely recyclable.
  • EVALUATION: When using these targets for shooting, you'll find they leave clean exit holes for accurate and easy evaluation of shot placement.
  • MILITARY QUALIFICATIONS: These Slow Fire Targets are mil-spec targets designed for the simulation of long range firing in any shooting position.
  • SILHOUETTE TARGET: M16A1/25m Slow Fire (75-300m scaled silhouette) printed on the front (blank back).
  • MADE IN USA: Developed to US Army Standards.

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