WaterPure Technologies Rain Master - Self Cleaning Water Filtration System

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Nasa Certified

Water Pure's Rain Master is a 3-Stage Self-Cleaning Water Filter system. Ideal for well water, rain catchment, RVs, and home use.

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For the Filtration of:

Sand, dust, rust, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, bad taste, smell, insecticides, solvents, bacteria, virus, fluoride, lead, pesticides, and more.

Rain Master can be connected directly to the main water supply or BEHIND a pump. It is designed to be very space saving. Today recycling of rain water is an absolute must. The first stage of filtration utilizes a PATENTED - 90 micron, stainless steel screen filter, which is Self-Cleaning by use of a backwash lever. The filter housing has a discharge valve and a return flow which protects the drinking water supply.

IAPMO Certified

  • Patented, Triple housing - single head, uni-body construction, eliminates 4 potential areas where leaks could occur
  • 1st Stage Pre-filter cartridge, with stainless steel 90 micron mesh, self-cleaning
  • 2nd stage 25 micron filter cartridge with polypropylene thread
  • 3rd stage 10 micron filter cartridge with activated carbon
  • Mounting bracket, screws, wrench, as pictured