Tormek Universal Support with Micro Adjust (for T-7 or T-8)

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The versatile Tormek Universal Support is the basis of the Tormek system. It is made of 12 mm (approx. 0.5 in.) round steel and has a double mounting for maximum stability. The Universal Support incorporates a micro adjust for exact and fast fine setting.

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Functions: Support for the grinding jigs. Support for the Diamond Truing Tool, ADV-50D. Tool rest when grinding without jigs. Rest for your hands when grinding free-hand. Rest for your hands when grading the stone with the Stone Grader, SP-650.

Can be placed in these positions:

  • Vertically for sharpening towards the edge.
  • Horizontally for sharpening with the edge.
  • Horizontally at the honing wheel side for honing.

* The micro adjust function was introduced Aug 2003. Older machines can be upgraded by purchasing the new Universal Support separately. The denomination is US-105.
** The horizontal base was previously an accessory, XB-100, but is since Aug 2001 mounted as standard.