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EZ Animal Products Ultimate EZ Milker

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With over four years of research and development, EZ Animal Products is proud to announce their newest addition to the Udderly EZ Milker Family. The new Ultimate EZ Milker, our livestock milking machine, is much faster, cleaner, safer and more dependable than other milkers on the market.

The Ultimate EZ Milking Machine Can Be Used On Any Animal

The Ultimate EZ Kit includes:

  • Ultimate EZ Vacuum Pump
  • Two #2 Extraction Tubes
  • Two quart Collection Bottles w/caps
  • One 9 Foot Vacuum Line Assembly
  • Two Vacuum Hose Clamp
  • Two Small Silicone Inflations
  • Two Medium Silicone Inflations
  • *If large is required order separately
  • One Foal Nipple
  • One Ez Dairy Wipes Pack
  • One Micro-Fibre Dairy Towel
  • One Ez Animal Products Instructional DVD
  • One set of Ultimate Ez Instructions
  • The Ultimate Ez Canvas Carrying Bag
  • The Ultimate Ez tube brush 42 inch

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