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The UDDERLY EZ MILKER was designed and tested over a five year research and development period with input from leading industry professionals, plock masters, herdsmen, veterinarians and breeding farm managers from around the world.

The Udderly EZ Mare, Pony, Donkey, Mini, Mule, Milker #EZ001, our mare milking machine, is the safest and most effective hand held, trigger-operated vacuum pump available. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and milking out mares that may have NI, or to milk mares for extra milk needed during that time. A must to milk mares with mastitis and use as an aid in the prevention of mastitis at weaning time. The mares kit comes with one Pint and two 8 Oz bottles for the collection of colostrums. For unruly mares or other species it is advisable to use The Stableizer (not included) to keep both the handler and the horse safe. 

The Udderly EZ Mare Milker is a hand-held trigger operated vacuum pump used for the extraction of colostrum, the milking out of mares and other species that have mastitis, or for milking mares whose foals have inherited a different blood type than that of the mare and are at risk for NI (neonatal isoerythrolysis). Just a few pulls on the trigger creates a vacuum in the bottle and the colostrum or milk flow starts, filling the bottle. The extraction cylinders have been designed to fit the unique shape of the mares' and other species' udders. There are two sizes and they have a rolled smooth surface to prevent harm to the soft tissue of the udder. Each kit is packed complete for each species.

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