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First Tactical Trauma Kit

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Color: Orange

The Trauma Kit has been refined to all all of your supplies to be kept in one location rather than strewn throughout your bag. The kit is easily handed off to other medics when responding to calls with multiple injuries. A bright orange colour and DotTac Name Tape compatibility allows the kit to be easily located or described.

  • Size: 9in x 11.5in x 3in
  • 6in x 1in Name Tape Area
  • Oversized Zipper Pulls
  • Top Handle/Side
  • Reflective Logo

      ONE SPOT
      The internal organization of the Trauma Kit keeps all supplies in one location rather than all over your bag.

      GRAB N' GO
      The Trauma Kit is easily handed off for calls with multiple injuries.

      The Trauma Kit is orange in colour allowing operators to find their kit or describe it to others easily. A DotTac Name Tape section allows for further customization.

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