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Roots & Harvest 18 Inch Birchwood Long Handled Spoon

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This 18 Inch Birchwood long-handled spoon is excellent for stirring jams or jellies in your largest stockpot.

Handle stay cool to the touch: Wooden spoons are not conductive, so if you leave your spoon in a hot sauce for a long time, the wooden handle will still stay cool.

Spoons Won't Scratch Non-Stick Pans: Wooden spoons are especially useful when stirring on a non-stick surface. Unlike metal spoons that can scratch the pot's finish, this wooden spoon will leave your pots unharmed.

Non-reactive: When stirring acidic ingredients, like lemon curd or tomato sauce, some metal spoons can react with the acids in foods and leave a metallic taste or even change the colour of the food you are cooking. Wood is non-reactive.

Long Handle: The extra long handle (18in) will keep the spoon from falling into your tallest stock pots.


  • Material: Birchwood
  • Length: 18in
  • 2.5in wide spoon

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