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Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen

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Color: Flat Dark Earth

Product Description -
Write reliably anytime, anywhere with a Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Pen. A pressurized cartridge keeps ink rolling smoothly no matter the weather, temperature, or angle. Write through rain, sweat, grease, oil, and mud. Write updside-down. Write in cold as low as -30F. Rite in the Rain pens are at their best when the weather is at its worst.
Feature 1
WRITES THROUGH: The permanent ink writes through water, grease, and mud without clumping or smearing.
Feature 2
PRESSURIZED CARTRIDGE: All-Weather cartridge is manufactured in the USA by Fisher Pen Company. The pressurized ink writes in temperatures from -30F to 250F, under water (up to 35 ft), and any angle.
Feature 3
PROPRIETARY INK: The ink and delivery system used exclusively in Rite in the Rain Refills will write without skipping in extremely wet conditions far better than other comparable weatherproof pens.

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