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Ready Hour

Ready Hour Traveller's Stew Case Pack

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WHAT IS TRAVELLER'S STEW? 32 servings, 8 packages

Whether you are travelling on foot, by bicycle or by car, pack some Traveller's Stew. It's a hearty fare for an active lifestyle. Our Traveller's Stew combines your favourite ingredients - pasta, lentils, carrots, celery and onion - in a rich chicken broth.

A proprietary blend of savoury herbs and spices brings to mind those slow-cooked meals from childhood that smelled as good as they tasted. Ready Hour Traveller's Stew is a wonderful main dish to include in your daily meal rotation and a must for your survival food supply.  It provides the comforting goodness and balanced nutrition you will need to stay strong in an emergency. 

Traveller's Stew Benefits:

  •  Ultimate convenience
  • Easy to prepare

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Ideal for off-grid use

  • Up to 25-year shelf-life unopened

  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening

  • Requires no refrigeration

  • Weighs 4.64 pounds

Total water needed to cook entire case pack is 2.5 gallons

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