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Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread Mix #10 Can

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48 Servings

What would you eat if you were stranded without power? It could happen; it does happen. A natural disaster, a breakdown in the delivery system as the Northeast experienced recently, or a terrorist strike against the infrastructure could leave you without power.

Ready Hour Has You Covered!

Bread is a comfort food during any crisis. With our Wheat Bread Mix, you need not worry about refrigeration. No waste here with our #10 Cans.  Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread is handy when you want to make sandwiches and have no way of getting to a grocery store. Goes great with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even good for a snack in between. This customer favourite can be used for making dinner rolls, or for campsite carbs easily.

As with all of our products, Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread lasts for years to come. This one lasts up to 10 years when it's unopened, and one year once you open the can. There is no better container for your food. It is made of durable steel, it is waterproof, rodent proof, and stores easily on a shelf or in a closet. Unopened, it can even float. 

Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Weighs 4.4 pounds. Total water needed to cook entire #10 can is 0.3 gallons 

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