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Ready Hour Fire Evacuation Mask

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Don’t face the fire and smoke without the Ready Hour Fire Evacuation Mask.

Get life-saving protection.

  • Five-layer air filter blocks most smoke, toxic fumes, and gases for 60 minutes. Filter dust and gas with two fiberglass layers, dust and water with an activated carbon layer, CO and HCN with an oxidizer layer, and smoke with a cotton layer.
  • Heat-resistant hood keeps you safe from radiant heat.
  • Clear visor protects your eyes from smoke and heat.
  • Reflective materials help first responders see you easily.
  • Five-year shelf life is the longest in the industry!
  • EN 403 certified.

60 minutes of clean air could save your life.

Up to 80 percent of deaths from fire tragedies result from breathing in smoke and toxic fumes.

With a Ready Hour Fire Evacuation Mask, everyone in your family has more time to get to safety away from smoke, gas, heat, and fumes.

A five-year shelf life makes this fire mask a must-have in every emergency plan. The Ready Hour Fire Evacuation Mask fits adults and children as young as four years old.

Get the ultimate peace of mind. Get the Ready Hour Fire Evacuation Mask.

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