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Ready Hour Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice

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24 Servings, 6 Packages

Rice and chicken contain protein, and when you eat both, you get enough daily protein needed for your growth.  With this food item added to your diet, you will gain muscle growth and the control needed to face an emergency situation. Rice and chicken is rich in protein and also has an exothermic effect, which means that it uses more energy to digest than it takes to eat.  We know what it takes to make a strong body and mind through nutrition. Our products have the advantage in the market when it comes to food storage.


Ready Hour Products Require no Refrigeration - Whether you are in a crisis situation and there is no access to grocery stores or you are camping and need important items on hand, you can now have it with Ready Hour Creamy Chicken Flavoured Rice.

Deliciousness made Simple– Ready Hour Creamy Chicken Flavoured Rice makes a delicious meal for your family. This customer favourite features rice in a creamy chicken broth that is sure to fill you up in a hurry. 

Long Lasting - Ready Hour Creamy Chicken Flavoured Rice lasts up to 25 years unopened and one year once you open the can. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees F for optimal longevity. 

Ready Hour Case Pack – All Ready hour packages are sealed in heavy-duty packaging, and are resealable. That way you can use what you want and store up the rest. Once you’ve opened a package it is good for up to a year. 

Weighs 6.10 pounds.

Total Water needed to cook entire case pack is 1.88 gallons 

Ready Hour Creamy Chicken Flavoured Rice is proudly made in the USA.

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