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Pacific Northwest Seeds - Sweet Marjoram

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The small rounded leaves on sweet Marjoram have a spicy sweet aroma and flavour. Sweet Marjoram is grown as an annual in all but the mildest winter areas where it lives over. Use leaves in soups, salads, vinegars, casseroles and with meat and fish dishes. It is said that this herb is a must when cooking with ‘strong meats’.

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Direct sow seeds after frost danger in spring, choosing a sunny site with fertile soil and good drainage. To improve clay or sandy soils add compost. Also suitable for growing in containers. 

  • Planting Depth: 6mm (1/4in)
  • Seed Spacing: 2.5cm (1in)
  • Row Spacing: 38cm - 45cm (15in - 18in)
  • Plant Spacing: 30cm - 38cm (12in - 15in)
    Light: Full Sun
    Days To Sprout:
    15 - 18 days
    Days To Maturity:
    70 - 75 days