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Pacific Northwest Seeds - Sunflower - Teddybear

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This unique dwarf variety produces brilliant double, golden flowers. The large seeds are easy to sow, sprout quickly and grow into semi-tall stemmed plants. Plants require minimal care and are useful for temporary screens, hedges and backgrounds. A small planting will produce quantities of seeds attractive to birds. 

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Direct-sow seed where plants are to bloom several weeks before the last expected frost date, or start seed indoors 4 weeks before outdoor planting to obtain healthy transplants. Choose a sunny location with fertile soil and good drainage. 

  • Planting Depth: 12mm (1/2in)
  • Seed Spacing: 15cm (6in)
  • Plant Spacing: 60cm (24in)
    Full Sun
    Days To Sprout: 15 - 20 days
    Plant Height:
    91cm - 122cm (3ft - 4ft)
    Lifecycle: Annual