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Pacific Northwest Seeds - Radish - Early Scarlet

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Scarlet red is the colour most desirable among radish varieties, and this variety not only delivers the most beautiful glossy red skin colouration, but also extra earliness into the bargain. The perfectly round roots are white and crisp on the inside and cherry-sized for the best flavour. Offer guests a plate of mixed radishes to snack on and Early Scarlet is the one they will choose first on pure eye appeal. 

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Direct-sow seed several weeks before the last spring frost date as seedlings are hardy and will tolerate mild frost. Choose a fertile soil that drains well in full sun. Improve clay or sandy soils with compost. Make succession sowings every two weeks to ensure a continuous supply. Broadcast seed in a 12 inch wide row and thin to create a block planting. 

  • Planting Depth: 6mm (1/4in)
  • Seed Spacing: 12mm - 25mm (1/2in - 1in)
  • Row Spacing: 15cm - 30cm (6in - 12in)
    Full Sun
    Days To Sprout: 6 - 10 days
    Days To Maturity: 28 - 30 days