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Pacific Northwest Seeds - Pepper - Super Chili

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With 9,000 years of cultivation behind them, it is no wonder that there are a myriad of varieties in a multitude of colours available to the home gardener – all have their origins in wild species native to Central and South America.

This former All-American Winner is an early maturing, short, spreading plant, each bearing loads of upright 2-1/2in x 1/2in (6cm x 1cm) fiery hot peppers. Fruits ripen from light green to orange and finally to red. Can be used fresh, dried or pickled with equal success. To reduce heat, remove seeds and internal ribs. Do not overwater seedlings but don’t let leaves wilt. Harvest when desired colour and size.

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Start seeds 6 - 8 weeks before outdoor planting after all danger of spring frost to obtain healthy transplants. Choose a sunny location and fertile soil with good drainage. Improve sandy or clay soils with compost.

  • Planting Depth: 6mm (1/4in)
  • Seed Spacing: 6mm (1/4in)
  • Row Spacing: 60cm - 90cm (24in - 36in)
    Full Sun
    Days To Sprout: 15 - 20 days
    Days To Maturity: 50 days (Green) 70 days (Red)