Midland X Talker 3 Pack of 2-Way Radios

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  • 2-WAY RADIOS - This three-pack of license-free walkie-talkies feature the standard 22 FRS/GMRS (Family Radio Service) channels, along with channel scan to check for activity.
  • 28-MILE RANGE - Longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction.
  • 38 CTCSS PRIVACY CODES - The Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System gives you up to 836 channel options to block other conversations. Use silent operation to turn off all tones.
  • NOAA WEATHER ALERT - NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area.
  • HANDS-FREE - eVOX with 3 sensitivity levels for hands-free operation. Also included: Belt clips, 700mAh rechargeable battery packs, desktop charger, micro USB charging cable, and an owner’s manual.


UPC/EAN 046014511538
Weight 4lb
Height 6.1in
Length 1.3in
Width 2.2in


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