LOWE 8.107 Ergonomic Anvil Pruner with Curved Blade

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The LOWE 8.107 Ergonomic Anvil Pruner With Curved Blade is a compact anvil pruner which can be used to cut branches with astounding ease. Very easy to carry, it's the perfect sized pruner to be kept in one's toolbox at all times. Providing pruning support for any job, whether ordinary backyard pruning or vigorous backyard plot clearing. Spare parts outlined below can be purchased and easily replaced.


  • Adjustable handle width ensures a perfect fit for small to medium-sized hands
  • For left and right-handed users
  • External blade position for rapid replacement
  • Maximum cutting capacity is 1 inch or 24mm
  • Easy to use
Blade: LO-8.001/B
Anvil (base) with screw: LO-8.002
Spring: LO-6.003
Spare parts set: LO-8.007

Weight: 250 g
Length: 21 cm

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