LOWE 22 Anvil Loppers with Curved Blade

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The LOWE Anvil Loppers can be used to cut branches up to 45 mm in diameter with astounding ease thanks to its superior bypass technology. Combining the best of both worlds, this new generation of loppers integrates the benefits of anvil cutters with those of bypass cutters. Whether you're using them for ordinary backyard pruning or vigorous plot clearing, the LOWE Anvil Lopper can help make your pruning work a much more enjoyable experience.


  • Very easy cutting
  • Robust and ideal for harder woods
  • Suited for cutting branches in tight locations
  • Bypass geometry prevents the material from slipping out
  • PTFE-coated blade protects against corrosion
  • Made in Germany

Blade: LO-22.001
Anvil (base) + screws: LO-22.002

LOWE LO-22.050
Length: 50cm
Weight: 930g

LOWE LO-22.065
Length: 65cm
Weight: 1070g

LOWE LO-22.080
Length: 80cm
Weight: 1180g

LOWE LO-22.100
Length: 100cm
Weight: 1375g

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