LEM Maxvac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags

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These LEM-designed sturdy chamber sealer vacuum bags offer long-lasting storage that will satisfy hunters, home cooks, and even professional chefs.

Air-Tight Design: Vacuum seal virtually anything with Chamber Sealer Bags for the LEM MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer — from meat to liquids to powdered ingredients!

Ideal for Any Job: Smooth, clear sides make it easy to immediately identify air pockets, while the sturdy 3.15 mil. puncture-resistant plastic ensures these bags hold up for any job.

Versatile: The 6x9 inch bags are the perfect size to package small items or individual portions of food. Our larger 8x10 inch and 10x13 inch bags are an excellent way to pack a season's worth of salmon, use for Sous Vide cooking, or pack up a huge batch of soup for next season. These bags are up to the task - and all at a price that makes sense!

Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers only.

  • Three different sizes are available: 6x9 inches, 8x10 inches, and 10x13 inches
  • Air-tight design
  • Seals in liquids
  • 250 count
  • Clear, smooth sides
  • Sturdy 3.15 mil. thick, puncture-resistant plastic
  • Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers only

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