LEM Maxvac 1000 Vacuum Sealer

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The LEM MaxVac 1000 Vacuum Sealer comes standard with a roll material holder and cutter, with 8in x 25ft bag material, so your vacuum sealing is easier than ever before.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use: Extend the freshness and freezer life of your favourite foods with our powerful, easy to use, commercial-grade vacuum sealer. Removes air and automatically seals for an amazing storage solution. Protect your meat, fish, vegetables or fruits from freezer burn and seal in the nutrients, all while lowering your grocery bill.

10 Hours of Continuous Use: A built-in continuous run cooling fan allows the LEM MaxVac 1000 to keep sealing for 10 consecutive hours making 1000 seals without stopping or cooling down.

Hands-Free Design: With a manual vacuum control function and a weighted lid, you can vacuum virtually "hands-free" every cycle with only light pressure! It is perfect for at-home usage while still maintaining commercial-grade quality.

Durable Construction: Stainless steel construction means this unit is built to last and will blend in well with other kitchen appliances.

Customizable Bag Size: Includes a roll material holder and cutter to customize your bag size. Includes 8in x 25ft roll of bag material. Material holder and cutter can be removed for standalone use.

Versatile: Reduce marinating time or keep valuables safe and dry. The uses are endless. The LEM MaxVac sealer does not work with "chamber style" vacuum bags but is compatible with most national brand heat seal vacuum sealer bags.


  • Rear bag holder/cutter
  • Unprecedented 5 year warranty
  • Includes one roll of sealer bag material: 8in W x 25ft L
  • Weighted lid with manual vacuum function
  • Auto or manual seal
  • Accepts bags up to 14in wide
  • Detachable 6ft cord
  • Vented side panels
  • Auto sensor shuts off pump once full vacuum is achieved
  • Auto lid release
  • Rated for 10 hours of continuous use
  • Includes accessory port for external hose connection (hose sold separately)
  • 1/4in heat strip
  • View 1088B Product Manual
  • View MaxVac User & Troubleshooting Guide

How to Use and Attach:

  • Insert 2 baffles into the base of the holder, fitting to roll size.
  • With material coming off the bottom of the roll, feed material under the fixed rod and cutting bar.
  • Attached the MaxVac Roll Holder and Cutter to your MaxVac Vacuum Sealer

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