LEM Dehydrator Screen Material

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This mesh insert screen will allow you to dehydrate your food but not have to worry about small pieces falling down between trays. Includes 84in L x 14in W roll of drying screen material. Cut to any size you need. This roll will make 5 screens 14in x 16in FDA approved for food contact.

The screen comes rolled. To flatten, cut to size and put in your heated dehydrator or oven up to 190 degrees. Place on trays with the curled side down and heat for 15-30 minutes. This process will flatten the material and it should not need to be done again.

  • Use for drying smaller items like fruit and vegetables
  • Non-stick polypropylene
  • Reusable and Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant up to 194 degrees F
  • 1/8in holes
  • 84in L x 14in W

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