LEM Collagen Edible Casings

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Edible Collagen Casings take the place of using natural hog or sheep casings. These beef protein casings can be used for fresh, cured, or smoked sausages. There is no preparation necessary; just put them on your stuffing tube and before you know it, you will have uniformly sized sausages!

The 21mm casings are great for breakfast sausage links. 19mm are the ideal size for snack sticks (you will need a 1/2 inch O.D. tube or smaller for properly stuffed snack sticks). Smoked casings are recommended if you are going to be smoking your sausage. Fresh casings are recommended if you are going to be grilling or frying your sausage.

Approximate stuffed weight:
21mm - 20lb
19mm - 16lb


  • Made from beef protein
  • One strand is approximately 50ft
  • Ready to use. No soaking needed
  • No added sodium
  • Store in an air tight container, or heavy plastic bag, in a cool dry place

MM to Inches Conversion Chart:

MM 19mm 21mm
3/4in 13/16in

* These are approximate numerical conversions.

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