LEM #10 Clamp-On Hand Grinder

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An old-fashioned grind for the Do-It-Yourselfer.  The #10 clamp-on hand grinder has a 3 3/8in x 4in hopper opening, and the grinder comes with 3/8in and 3/16in plates and a knife. It's made from cast aluminum and is well-made for long-lasting service.

LEM replacement knives will fit but will be a bit loose. LEM replacement plates will not work with this product. For the best fit, please order the plates specific to this grinder.


  • Cast aluminum
  • Includes 1 each: carbon steel coarse (5mm) and fine (10mm) grinding plates
  • Includes 1 carbon steel grinding knife
  • Hopper is 3 3/8in x 4in
  • Clamp opening 1.5in

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