LEM Ground Beef Bags

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Store your ground beef easily and conveniently with these Ground Beef Poly Bags from LEM.  These polyethylene meat storage bags have a 1.5 inch bottom gusset for extra burst protection, keeping your freezer clean. The bags have a 2-millimetre thickness, which helps prevent freezer burn to keep your ground beef fresher, longer. “NOT FOR SALE” is written on the bags and the words “GROUND BEEF” are printed in large, clear letters to help you easily organize and identify your meats in the freezer. These bags are easily sealed with either a polybag taping machine and poly bag tape, or hog rings and hog ring pliers. Make sure your meats are stored safely, free from freezer burn and the chance of bursting out of their bag, and go with LEM!


  • 1lb bags are 10.75in long x 4.25in wide
  • 2lb bags are 14.13in long x 4.25in wide
  • 25ct and 1000ct available
  • 2 mm thick, opaque, polyethylene
  • 1.5in bottom gusset for added burst protection
  • Protects against freezer burn
  • Not for sale printed on bags
  • Space to write Date and Net Weight in lbs. and oz.

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