Large Agdor Felling Axe, Arvika Five Star Racing Axe Pattern, 4.5 Lbs

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This Agdor Felling Axe from Hultafors is perfect for tough forestry work. It has a 4.5 lb Arvika Five Star Racing Axe Pattern head, perfect for felling trees. The axe has a slim, light profile that makes it easy to carry and use. Get the job done with Hultafors' reliable and durable axe.

Compatible with Weaver Leather Axe Sheath 5.75in (Sku: WE-Axesheath-G)

Technical Specs

  • Model: 8F
  • Weight of head: 2.0kg/4.5lb
  • Handle: Hickory
  • Length of handle: 800mm/32in

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