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Katydid Wood Stove

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Pronounced [Key-tee-did]

The Katydid™ gasifier wood stove is perfect for environmentally conscious, off-grid living.  Certified at 1.9 grams/hour, our Katydid™ gasifier wood stove is one of the cleanest non-catalytic wood burning stoves on the planet.

The patented, ultra-efficient thermodynamic gasifier technology harnesses the wood gas within the exhaust as a secondary fuel source to increase heat output, radically lower emissions, and improve overall efficiency, providing a nearly smokeless burn. This technology also allows you to get more heat from less wood, which means longer burn times, less wood splitting and incredible wood-burning efficiency.  

The Katydid™ gasifier wood burning stove is an industry leader with a minimal combustible clearance,  perfect for environmentally conscious, off-grid houses. It’s the best small wood stove for compact space dwellers who are looking for a highly-efficient dry heat source and cooktop.


The Katydid™ wood stove heater has been approved for residential, mobile homes, and alcove installations in Canada.


Quality Engineering

  • American-made, precision-cut black steel
  • Manufactured in Oregon, USA
  • Non-catalytic re-burn solid fuel system
  • Versatile cooktop


  • Height: 32”, 38” with base
  • Width: 12”x12”
  • Weight: 153lbs
  • Flue exit: Vertical
  • Estimated efficiency: 80%
  • Vents with 4” double-wall pellet stove pipe
  • Requires Class A rated ceiling pass through
    (insulated or triple wall pipe)
  • Certified for 6” clearance to back of flue & 21” to sides
    (less with shielding) 

Ultra-efficient and clean:

  • Underwriters listed for WETT certified installations
  • Tested against ULC-S627-00 Standards Council of Canada
  • Conforms to CAN/CSA B365-10 Clause 4.1.C Canadian Chimney
  • EPA certified at 1.9 g/hr emission rate (EPA limit is 4.5 g/hr) EPA Certified Stoves
  • Heats up to 2500 square feet of well-insulated space
  • Peak 85,500 BTU's/hour
  • Burns up to 12 hours, depending on wood quality
  • Will burn up to 8-inch diameter logs 8-inch in length
  • Optional sealed outside air intake

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