Silky Katanaboy 1000mm

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Get to know to the longest folding saw in the world! This powerful pull saw has a blade of no less than 100cm, with which you can easily saw through tree trunks of 50cm. That is why the Katanaboy can comfortably be compared to a chainsaw, but without the oil, gasoline, noise and pollution. Moreover, with a weight of only 2kg, this saw is easy to carry.

This is the ideal saw for the tougher jobs: trail maintenance, sawing fire wood or building a shelter during your camping trip in the woods. You will be amazed at how little energy is required to get results. And secretly, it just feels awesome to be sawing with this saw! The Katanaboy can really handle everything: wet, dry, rotten or hard wood.

The strong blade has a progressive teeth ratio from 5 to 2.5 teeth per 30mm. The finer teeth near the handle help the saw with the first cut. The extra coarse teeth aggressively tear through the rest of the branch. The teeth have been ground into the blade in a unique way and stay sharp for a long time. By means of the locking button, you can quickly and easily unfold and fold this saw. For safety purposes, this process happens in two phases: first the saw can be folded halfway, and then (watch your fingers!) the saw can be folded fully.

The ergonomic rubber handle absorbs the vibrations. By using the Katanaboy with two hands, the shoulders are more relaxed which has a fantastic effect on the sawing power.

The Katanaboy 1000 is delivered with new nickel coating.

As with any Silky saw, the teeth stay sharp for a long time. If deemed necessary, the teeth of the Katanaboy can be sharpened with a Silky file.

The Katanaboy comes with a sturdy, nylon shoulder-bag with Velcro closure. The bag has an extra pocket for a replacement blade.

The Katanaboy was named after the ‘Katana’ sword of the Samurai. 


  • 1000mm blade length
  • 223cm overall length
  • 120cm folded length
  • 2.5-5 teeth per 30mm
  • 2.4mm kerf
  • 2.40kg weight

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