InstaFire Tactical Fire-Starting Kit

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Relax! You've Got Fire Covered.
Packed with Fire-Starting Tools for Countless Survival Scenarios. All in One Kit.


  • InstaFire Pocket Plasma Lighter – Double-arc plasma flame resists wind, rain, and snow. Built-in 100-lumen flashlight shines two hours on one charge.
  • InstaFire Ferro Rod – The last resort that never fails, even when sopping wet. Run the blade across the rod; emits a huge shower of 5,000 F sparks.
  • InstaFire Fire-Starter Granule Pouches (x2) – Wind/water/snow-proof. Quickly produces a 1000 degree flame that boils water and cooks a meal, even without firewood.
  • InstaFire Fire Ropes (x2) – The camper’s best friend. So small it stows anywhere, including a pant pocket. Resists harsh wilderness abuse and keeps lighting. Paracord included.

All this in a sturdy, carry-anywhere case that fits easily into a hiking pack—inside or out. With multiple slip pockets, 12 elastic loops for organizing gear, plus MOLLE straps that attach firmly to a backpack.

So much space there's room to spare for small tools, gear—whatever needs carrying!

Kit Pouch Dimensions:

  • 5.5"w x 7.75"h (closed), 1.5 inches thick
  • 11"w x 7.75"h (open), .75 inches thick
  • Weight: 530 grams (1.17lbs.)

Battery Care: As with all battery-run devices, proper upkeep is critical for the prolonged function of your lighters. If the unit is left to sit for long periods, the battery can drain and even become inoperable. Make sure to charge the battery every few months to extend its life and performance.

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