InstaFire Ferro Rod

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Now you can acquire the InstaFire Ferro Rod and have the ability to stay warm when you’re in the great outdoors. Made of ferrocerium, the rod gives off 3,000-5,000-degree sparks in all weather, and at any altitude!


  • Extra thick: ½in diameter x 5in long
  • Creates a spark even when wet
  • Casts larger, hotter sparks — as hot as 5,000 F
  • Wind/element/altitude resistant
  • Durable, multi-use paracord attached for easy carry and bushcraft
  • Great option for weekend warriors and serious outdoor enthusiasts


It’s easy to use, too. Simply strike it with the accompanying striker plate, and a shower of sparks will fall as the ferrocerium reacts with oxygen and gets REALLY hot. You’ll have a roaring fire in no time!

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