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The Batt Pack Jupiter is an immensely powerful and durable lithium ion battery system that has been specifically engineered to replace larger scale commercial and industrial grade generators. It is an ideal energy solution for both indoor and outdoor applications, and is incredibly user-friendly, delivering up to 7,000 W of both 120 VAC and 240 VAC.

This system is particularly well-suited for deployment in a variety of industries, including construction, railway, transit, military, mining, and marine. It has been designed to provide reliable energy for an entire work shift, making it an indispensable tool for any operation that requires a dependable and efficient power source.

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Power Output 7000W
Surge Power Output 12000W (1 sec)
Energy 7.2Wh
Chemistry LiFePO4
Cycles 3000 Cycles
Voltage 120V AC & 240V AC
Solar Input Power / Input Voltage 800W / 60V DC
VOC Input Voltage 29-75V DC
Max Solar Amperage 30A
Grid Charging Power / Bypass Power 1100W / 1500W
Dimensions 91.4cm x 68.5cm x 58.4cm [36in x 27in x 23in]
Weight 127kg [280 lbs]


32" LCD TV 70 hours  50
Smartphone 700 charges 10 wh
Laptop 140 charges 50 wh
Refrigerator (Small) 140 hours 30
Light (High EFF) 1400 hours 5
Hammer Drill 9.8 hours (Trigger time) 700
LED Contractor Lights X2 70 hours 100
Hand Grinder 15.4 hours (Trigger time) 450
Hilti TE 3000-AVR Jackhammer 5.32 hours 1350
Hilti DD200 Diamond Core Drill 3.92 hours (Trigger time) 1800
Husqvarna K3000 4.78 hours (Trigger time) 1500