Hultafors Dry Marker

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Grip-friendly pen in holster with built-in sharpener for clear markings. Hultafors Dry-Marker is easy to remove from its holster, so you do not have to let go of what you are working with. The shape of the holster ensures that the pen stays in place even when you move. The pen's sharpener is in the holster for easy access. Via a hole in the bottom of the holster, dirt and moisture are led away from the pen for a longer durability. Easy to change lead.

Technical Specs

  • Grip-friendly and ergonomic design.
  • Roll stop on both pen and holster.
  • Sharp and accessible sharpener placed in the holster
  • Optimized lead for durability and resistance to moisture
  • Refills of 10 leads are available in smart containers:
    • HU-650110 (Graphite)
    • HU-650120 (Graphite, Red Chalk, Yellow Chalk)

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