Gyokucho Spare Blade Seiun Saku 300

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Generally speaking, it's an anticorrosion process. Gyokucho uses the latest chemical process to plate their blades with a micro-thin nickel coating. This is accomplished without the use of an electrical current, so the plating is a very uniform thickness. After being plated, the nickel plating enhances durability against rust. The plating process produces such a smooth surface that adhesion of tree resins is greatly reduced, and if it occurs, is easily washed from the blade with warm water. As you may know, rust is always a problem with steel products, particularly in humid and coastal areas. Gyokucho's Special Surface Treatment helps to prevent rust and tarnish.

Blade Length: 300mm
Blade Thickness: 0.7mm
Cutting Width: 1.10mm
Teeth Pitch: 3.0mm/5.6mm-3.5mm

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