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Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices Large Can

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One of the healthiest fruits around, our Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices are packed full of nutrients.

Combines the valuable vitamins and minerals found in these strawberries. This freeze-dried fruit gives you a blast of flavour so delicious it may not even make it to your emergency food storage.

A fantastic treat straight out of the can, these strawberries also liven up desserts, salads, breakfasts, or anything else that requires fruit.

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Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices are processed and packaged for long-term storage so you can enjoy the natural goodness of berries now or in the years ahead. Re-hydration (approximately 1.25 gallons water needed for the entire can) restores much of the original flavour, colour, shape, and texture. Also an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of fibre.

  • Shelf Life: Up to 30 years*
  • Total Calories: 700
  • Total Protein: 14 grams
  • Total Servings: 14

*Shelf life up to 30 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55F and 70F. 

Approx. water needed to rehydrate food - 1.25 gallons