Franklin's Finest

Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee (720 servings, 1 bucket)

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It's the first ever emergency survival coffee with a true, up to 25-year shelf life! This kit provides a one-year supply of flavourful Franklin's Finest Coffee for one person. It's conveniently packaged in twelve resealable, 60-serving heavy-duty 4-layer zipper pouches for a total of 720 servings.

It's all packed in a rugged, water resistant bucket for easy storage. Franklin's Finest Coffee is the ultimate survival perk, especially for those that drink coffee on a daily basis. Or camping. It's 100% Colombian. It's also the perfect item for barter or trade in an emergency! (You'll thank us for that tip later.) 

Franklin's Finest Coffee is freeze-dried fresh, straight from the tree to our air-tight packaging, to retain the longest shelf life and flavour.

100% Pure. 100% Colombian.

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