ForJars 12set Lids and Bands (24pcs)

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The ForJars Canning Lids are made of high-quality metal, which prevents bending. Stainless steel material is also added to the composition, which prevents the formation of rust. The metal thickness is 0.18 mm versus conventional lids which have 0.10 -0.12 mm. These lids behave perfectly under pressure and in a water bath. ForJars lids have high-quality food-grade silicone that prevents leakage.

Home-made preservation is a great way to preserve the taste of your favourite foods for a long time. With "ForJars" your favourite dishes are under reliable lids! 

  • Includes 12 Canning Lids and 12 Bands - 24 Pcs total
  • Ensures a tight seal for canning and storage purposes
  • Soft, BPA-free sealing material on the underside of lids
  • When canning, lid sealing material functionality is single-use only

Regular Mouth Lids are 2.75in/70mm
Fits regular mouth Ball jars

Wide Mouth Lids are 3.25in/86mm
Fits wide mouth Ball jars

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