Felling Axe HY 10-1,0 SV, 1 Kg

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An axe suitable for small-scale felling, made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The shaft is curved and made from hickory. 

Technical Specs

  • The axe is hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697.
  • The steel is struck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe.
  • Has a clear tempered zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.
  • The shaft is made from hickory and treated with linseed oil.
  • Weight: 1000 g
  • Shaft length: 700 mm (28 in.)
  • Surface axe head: Clear lacquered

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