Felco 321 Harvesting and Greenhouse Snips with Short Straight Blade

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The straight chromium blades with rounded ends of the FELCO 321 picking and trimming snips are ideal for all pruning and harvesting work. They are designed to offer optimum comfort, as the shock absorbers and the particularly flexible pin spring of FELCO 321 snips help reduce muscle tension. FELCO 321 picking and trimming snips have been designed for professionals in viticulture, arboriculture and greenhouse growing, as well as nurseries and florists; they will equally satisfy the needs of demanding gardening enthusiasts.

  • Carbon steel blades with chromium coating to prevent corrosion and make blade crossing smoother
  • Suitable for left-handed and right-handed users
  • Easily adjust the cutting head for a clean and precise cut that promotes quick healing of the pruning wound

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