Eureka Canyon Fitted Footprint

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Shaped to fit Canyon tents with non-standard footprints, Eureka's footprints are constructed with the same material as the tent's floor.  Fitted footprints - helping to extend the life of the tent floor and protect it from punctures and wear-and-tear.


  • Constructed of heavy duty woven polyethylene
  • Adjustable stake out loops
  • Custom-cut shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time


4 Person
(Compatible with Desert Canyon 4, Jade Canyon 4 and Copper Canyon 4 tents)

Floor Size 7ft 6in x 7ft 6in
Length 90in
Width 90in
Minimum Weight 1lb 10oz
Fabric Polyethylene
UPC 0083826602108


6 Person
(Compatible with Desert Canyon 6, Jade Canyon 6 and Copper Canyon 6 tent models)

Floor Size 9ft 6in x 9ft 6in
Length 114in
Width 114in
Minimum Weight 2lb 9oz
Fabric Polyethylene
UPC 0083826602115

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