EMP Shield

EMP Shield RV Plug-In EMP & Lightning Protection

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EMP Shield is the World’s first EMP protection technology for Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Its one of the world’s fastest military-tested surge protectors proven to defend against all phases of electromagnetic pulse, solar flares, and lightning strikes. The Plug-In (portable) EMP Shield will ensure operation of your RV's electrical system even during an electromagnetic pulse, helping you to power your electronics under such circumstances. 

  • Incredibly Powerful - capable of withstanding up to 228,000 Amps per phase (E1, E2 and E3)
  • SightSpeed Technology - patented technology pulls excess electricity from your electrical system in 500-Trillionths of a second
  • IP 66 Weather Proof - can be used in extreme hot and cold climate conditions
  • Easy Install - Designed to install easily (within 10 minutes) for any application - installation guide included

EMP Shield will protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system. This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment.

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EMP Shield Product Specifications EXT/120/6
Phase: Single Phase
Nominal System Voltage: 120V AC
Maximum Surge Per Phase: 114kA (8-20 microseconds)
Maximum Surge Per Line 114kA (8-20 microseconds)
Short Circuit Current Rating: 10kA
Nominal Discharge Current: 114kA (8-20 microseconds)
Number of Poles: 1
Enclosure Material Plastic
NEMA Rating: NEMA 4 (Surge Protector) 
Application: Indoor Applications
Colour: Grey
Features: LED Status Indication; AC Power Protection
For Maximum Wire Size: 12 AWG
For Use With: Individual Equipment Power Box; Circuit Breaker Enclosures; and Load Centres
Frequency: 60 Hz
IP Rating Met: N/A
Maximum Continuing Operating Voltage: 150V AC
Maximum Surge Current Per Mode: 114kA (8-20 microseconds)
Modes of Protection: L-N; L-G; N-G
Mounting Style: Plug in to 120V AC outlet
Number of Wires: N/A three prong plug
Overall Height: 2.5in
Overall Length: 6.187in
Overall Width: 2.75in
Specification Met: UL 1449; CE; MIL-STD-188-125-1; MIL-STD-461G; MIL-STD-464C; and RS105 (surge protector only, not outlets)
Voltage Protection Rating L-G 270V; L-N 270V; N-G 270V
Response Time: < 1 nanoseconds