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Emergency Zone Children'S Emergency Poncho - Green

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Worry for your child is nothing new. Storms can be dangerous, and staying dry is key. This LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, Emergency Zone Brand poncho is a great option to for your child. Whether you’re on a family outing, or your child is at school, your child will be PROTECTED from the ELEMENTS wherever they go. It can easily be fit in a backpack, so as a parent, it can give that security and peace of mind that your child will never be without it if a storm strikes.

Lessen Your Anxiety: This poncho is COMPACT, which allows it to be stored in EASILY ACCESSIBLE places, such as a backpack. This will make it so your child will be protected from the rain whether they are with you or not.

Convenient: The poncho is LIGHTWEIGHT, which makes it easy for even a child to carry.

Fun Sized: This poncho is the perfect size for a child. It is 40 in. x 33 in. of PROTECTION to help your child be safe from the ELEMENTS.

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