Rain Poncho - Red

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Being caught in a storm can put you in a dangerous situation and staying dry is key. This lightweight, compact, poncho is a great option to keep dry. Whether you’re putting together your survival kit, getting ready for the football game, or doing some gardening in a light drizzle, don’t forget your poncho.


  • Accessible: This compact poncho allows you to carry it in easily accessible places, so you will never be without it. You can store it in glove box, purse, or even your pocket. This gives that security and peace of mind that you will never be without when a situation arises where it is needed.
  • Convenient: Having a lightweight poncho helps for easy storage and makes it convenient to carry.
  • Perfect Size: This poncho is perfect for an adult. It is 50” x 80” and it only weighs 1.7 oz!
  • Hood: Better yet, this poncho comes with an attached hood, so there is no need to worry about your head getting wet.

Great for:

  • Emergency Preparedness - Bug-out Bags, Survival Kits, EDC, 72 Hour Kits, etc.
  • Outdoor Activities - Fishing, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, etc.
  • Sporting Events - Football Games, Track Meets, Soccer Games, etc.
  • Home Use - painting, cleaning, etc.

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