5 In 1 Survival Whistle

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A whistle may seem small and simple, but this 5 in 1 Whistle comes with a compass, container, signal mirror, and a ferro rod. The attached lanyard makes it so it can easily be carried, or if preferred the whistle is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is one multifunction survival tool that should not be passed over.


  • SHRILL WHISTLE: What happens when you are lost in the woods and need help? A SIGNAL WHISTLE is the very thing that could alert rescuers to your location.
  • COMPASS: It is easy to get disoriented in unknown surroundings. This nifty tool comes with a COMPASS that can help give you the direction you need
  • WATER-RESISTANT CONTAINER: can hold whatever valuables you want to protect from the wear of the environment.
  • SIGNAL MIRROR: You shouldn’t be left with one sole way to signal for help; there should be several. Having a SIGNAL MIRROR is a great asset for when sound doesn’t cut it. The bright ORANGE colour is more visible in certain settings, and can help alert rescuers.
  • FERRO ROD: can help you start a fire to not only keep yourself warm, but also can be used as a smoke signal to give your location.

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