Eberlestock R3 Upranger Pack

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Color: Dry Earth

Inspired by a champion 3-Gunner who didn’t like the normal sequence of dismounting a pack face-down then rolling the straps into the dirt so that you can get your stuff out, the R3 UpRanger changes the game. Load it up heavy. Add one or two Sidewinder gun cases (ERM or ESM), all your ammo, and maybe a handgun or two in the interior pistol sleeves. When you get to your shooting station, swing it straight to the ground and get straight to work.

Its polycarbonate outer face is made to hit the ground and stay there, while guns and gear come straight on out -- from the side that’s naturally up. Side wing panels, each with three zippered pockets, deploy outward to allow you to install our rifle cases. Tack on a shooting mat or tripod with the grapple straps.  The generous interior has padded movable panels so you can customize the layout. Everything is accessible from one side while the pack’s face is in the dirt where it’s meant to be. The UpRanger will change the way you go to the range for the better.


  • Weight: 7.1lb

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