Eberlestock A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier

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Color: Multicam

Our A4SS Arms Carrier And Scabbard is expandable and collapsible in both circumference and length. The muzzle end is reinforced with Hypalon, has drain ports, and a drag loop. This scabbard fits a variety of man-portable arms.

The A4SS works well as a scabbard for several Eberlestock packs, including the F4M Terminator, J51 Warhammer, F52 Jackhammer, G1 Little Brother, and J79 Skycrane II. It has semi-rigid sidewalls designed to hold the scabbard open when a pack's load compresses it, making it easier to insert and extract arms. The A4SS also works well as a stand-alone product, either as an excellent arms case or as a drag bag.  It can also be used as the foundation for a minimalist pack: add a shoulder harness and a set of our ACST Accessory Straps, and the A4SS becomes a BackScabbard pack, to which you can add an assortment of pockets and build your own modular pack system. It features grasp/carry handles on the middle edges of the scabbard, allowing easy at centre-of-gravity carry of arms. Includes a GSTC Butt Cover, to allow you to fully enclose arms up to 60 inches long.


  • Actual weight: 3.5lb
  • Dimensions: 36 - 60in L x 12in W (Adjustable Length)

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