Dogtra Charger Sbc12V300 5.5 SMPS

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Dogtra 12 volt charger for nickel-metal batteries, for models: 300M series, 280NCP series, YS 500 (S/N greater than 30320) RRS, RRD, RR Deluxe, 175NCP, 150NCP, 500 series, 200NCP series, 200NC series, 1000 series, 1200 series, 1500 series, 1600 series, 1700 series, 1900NCP series, 7000 series, 7100 series, Surestim M Plus, and Surestim H Plus.

**Chargers DO NOT come with splitter cables** 

If you'd like to place an order for splitter cables, select the Splitter 5-5 or splitter 5-3, depending on your model.

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