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MIRA Safety Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator (TAPR) Filters

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TAPR Package & Accessories:

Filters for the Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator Mask (TAPR)

ParticleMax P3 Compact Filter

Particle filters provide protection against solid and liquid particles. Filters are divided into classes according to their filtration efficiency. The highest class (P3) provides reliable protection against solid and liquid aerosols and hazardous microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.

P-CAN Compact Filter

Our P-CAN Compact filter was engineered specifically for use by law enforcement against riot control agents. This filter provides respiratory protection against the effects of tear agents, especially CS and CR gases and agents, both gaseous and aerosol based, e.g., in aqueous solution

NBC-17 SOF Filter

The filter provides reliable protection against solid and liquid aerosols, smoke producing substances, radioactive particles, bacteria, viruses, vapours of organic and inorganic acids, hydroxides, organic solvents with a boiling point above 65C, ammonia, amines, acid gases, agricultural chemical combustion products, tear-producing agents, irritants, choking agents, blister and nerve agents, (e.g., bromoacetone, CS substance, organic compounds of arsenic, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, mustard gas, organophosphates) – sarin, IVA, VX and other toxic substances, (e.g., benzene, toluene, vinyl chloride, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, sulphur oxides, phosgene, phosphoric acid and its organic derivatives, chloroacetic acid, nitric acid, aldehydes, mixtures of inorganic acids and organic substances.)

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