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Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints

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Color: Black


Cobra Cuffs Double-Lock Improves Officer Safety by making it virtually impossible to shim/pick or break using blunt force techniques commonly used with nylon Zip Tie type restraints. The unique wedge shaped design of the Locking Clip also prevents accidental over-tightening of the cuffs during prisoner transport or a struggle. In addition, Cobra Cuffs reduce officer liability and are safer and more comfortable for the prisoner compared to stiff nylon or metal cuffs. Cobra Cuffs work well in extreme cold or dry, hot climates. (-20F  to 120F)

The tactical advantage in fully assembled Cobra Cuffs can be found in no other disposable restraint, allowing immediate control by the officer.

Patented Cobra Cuffs are made with Cross-Linked Rubber

Why Rubber? Rubber helps prevent the stress cracking common with nylon zip ties when exposed to cold, heat or folding/creasing. Superior shelf life is an added benefit with Cobra Cuffs because our special polymer formula resists brittleness so well. Therefore we offer a minimum 5-Year Quality Guarantee for all colours of Cobra Cuffs.

The Super Tough Rubber Based Polymer used in Cobra Cuffs also absorbs shock and stress during a struggle, making the 425+ lb Tensile strength more than sufficient to contain the most violent suspects.

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